SW official twitter Q&A #7


I’m not sure if they’re still answering questions since they’re taking a really long time with the next one. Gonna shower first and I’ll add to this post if there’s more when I’m done. Aaaaaand done.

Only eight questions this time. They apologised for not being able to answer the question from yesterday (about Yukimura’s SW1 alt being released, which they said they would ask the dev team about today) and said that they’ll definitely answer it next week.

1. The third PV won’t be released in the store demos. It will be announced in various places next week. It should be available to watch in stores by the end of next week. (Actually, I’m not sure if the ‘announced next week’ part is referring to the third PV or just new info in general.)

2. Boob sizes are adjustable in CAW. (To be exact, the question asks if boob sizes are adjustable and the answer is ‘yes, the settings for female characters can be adjusted in detail.)

3. Excluding repeated questions, they have about 50-60 questions in line.

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